Kevin Andrew Morris Small Batch Plate #1 with Recipe Card


Glazed, handmade plate with 'Medium' glaze finish, and accompanying recipe card.

The small-scale batch plates are press-moulded using 500grams of red stoneware clay per plate, bisque fired to 1000 Degrees Celsius, glazed using deer bone ash (from controlled culled animals/found bone) and gas fired to a further 1280 Degrees Celsius (with colours ranging from well done to very rare) and come with a printed recipe card for (Clay) Baked Venison with juniper, Buckfast and redcurrant jelly!

Drawing from previous works Kevin has been exploring the red deer population in Scotland, their impact and management. Alongside this he has also been exploring traditional recipes for wild venison, which is a sustainable, high quality, healthy, low fat, local food source that can contribute to reducing food miles and individuals carbon footprint.

The glaze for each plates varies, grouped into the following categories: Very Rare (a deep, dark brown); Rare (a rich, reddish brown); Medium Rare (reddish brown with yellow flecks); Medium (pale yellow with red flecks) Well Done (a pale yellow with reddish hue)